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In the fifth and final part of the Dragonian Series, eighteen-year-old Elena Watkins and her dragon, the Rubicon, need to find the missing ingredients in order to free her father from Etan.
But what could the missing ingredient be?
And will she be willing to sacrifice her life if they don’t find it before time runs out?

Q. Tell us what the novel/series is about.

A. Firebolt is the first novel in the series. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl, Elena Watkins, who is taken to a world called Paegeia. She learns the hard truth that once you enter you can never leave. The key to Paegeia’s survival comes in the form of a formidable sword that was stolen. The series is about bravery, growing, finding herself and where she belongs and becoming the person she is meant to be, mixed in with loads of dragons, magic and romance. I personally have a thing for dragons. If the fictional kind existed, I would probably have a colony. The dragons I created for my world shifts into humans, not the other way around, as they are born dragons, or hatched out of an egg. The setting is modern but with an epic fantasy feel. I decided to go this route because all the other dragon stories I love, when done in a fantasy world, usually plays off in the medieval times. I wanted something more modern, so I wrote it. I’ve worked really hard on the storyline and have been told many times that it’s a really great series and fans read them over and over.

Q. What order should the series been read in

Venom (novelette)
Poison (Novella)
Venom and Poison are actually chunks of deleted scenes from Thunderlight and Moonbreeze that slow down the novels. I ended up turning them into a novella and a novelette.

Q. Why should readers buy the series?

A. I spent years crafting it and turning it into the best it could be. The heroine isn’t very strong in the first novel, she is a normal teenager with fears and doubts, just like every other human her age. It’s filled with adventure, an academy that hovers in the sky, 11 dragon breeds, a kick-ass prince who obviously steals Elena’s heart and a bad boy Alpha dragon. And all of that is mixed with magic, spells, gaining abilities around the age of seventeen and taming dragons. Who can ask for more?

Q. I don’t have time to read because of little time in my busy day to day schedule, is there a way to listen to this series on audio.

A. Glad you asked. Yes, Tantor Media has developed the Dragonian Series into audios.
The wonderful, and I mean she is really wonderful as a narrator, Erin Moon is the voice of Elena.
She is bringing the series to a new high with the audios, giving voice not just to Elena but also to all the other characters in the series. Her accents are to die for. She is really brilliant and will entertain you for hours. I’m very, very, proud of my audios. So if you don’t have time to read, be sure to listen instead.

Q. Do you have any other series planned that follows the characters of this world?

A. Yes, they are called the Beam Series. Moonbeam is actually taking place 10 years (more or less) after Starlight ended.
Darkbeam Part I-III is Blake Leaf’s story
Starbeam (still coming) is about King Albert and Queen Catherine’s story
Firebeam (another alternative version if Herbert, Elena Watkins father, made it)

Please give the series a go. Firebolt is free on all the online platforms.

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A1024 eBook Starlight (The Dragonian Series Book 5) – By Adrienne Woods

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1 review for A1024 eBook Starlight (The Dragonian Series Book 5) – By Adrienne Woods

  1. Jackie

    This is so bitter sweet. I have been a hardcore fan since Firebolt first released. And to read this book really made me emotional.

    First, let me say how honored I am that I was a beta reader for this book, but some of my suggestions made it into the final book. I honestly have no words.

    I have loved Blake from the start. There was just something about him that amazed me even when he was an a$$ and fighting his dark side.

    I had always wished that he and Elena could be together. In Starlight we got to see so many sweet Blake and Elena moments. It was so beautiful and moving to see their love for each other grow and blossom into something that is so beautiful.

    Tabatha has never been one of my favorite characters in the series. I saw her as weak and desperate. She showed us more of that in Starlight, but I have to say that after all of those times we have seen her be a weak little b!*ch, she majorly redeemed herself. She turned out to be a honorable dragon.

    Arianna also redeemed herself in this book. She has really grown up. And I am happy for her.

    So many amazing things happened in this book that made it not only epic, but definitely my favorite book so far this year.

    So many surprising things happened that had me going “oh sh!t” while sitting on the edge of my seat biting my nails like a crazy lady.

    And on the other hand I was riding an emotional rollercoaster while crying my eyes out. I think I may have used a whole box of tissues. haha.

    But over all I am very pleased at everything that happened. The war was amazing, the dent was beautiful. The scenes with Elena and Blake were sweet. All of the characters were amazing. Becky, George, Sammy, Dean, Sir Robert, Isabel, just everyone. Loved, loved, loved.

    If you are new to The Dragonian series, please give it a read starting with Book one, Firebolt. You will love it.

    Thanks Adrienne Woods for writing a kicka$$ book, but most of all, an amazing series!

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