K1001 eBook Mine Immortal: Guardian of Monsters (Varcolac Book 2) – By Kristin Ping

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The third Novel in USA Today Bestselling author Kristin Ping’s saga, Guardians of Monsters.

Three-thousand-year-old Varcolac, Jason Chase, discovered that his true mate, Morgan Freeman, isn’t human. In fact, she is far more mysterious and he has no idea in which supernatural race she belongs. Worst of all…. she has left him to return to the ships without knowing what he truly is, or that she is his true mate.

Twenty-five-year-old Morgan Freeman knows she is special but has no idea what she is. She can understand any language by just wishing to, and she has this nick to teleport whenever she feels threatened. She also knows that it’s not the only two things that she can do.

A vampire coven wants her to be part of the immortal race. On the other side, the love of her life wants to steal her abilities. What does a girl have to do to find her “happily ever after?”

Will Jason ever find Morgan to explain what he really is and what Morgan truly means to him?  Will Morgan ever give him the time to hear him out?

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K1001 eBook Mine Immortal: Guardian of Monsters (Varcolac Book 2) – By Kristin Ping

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1 review for K1001 eBook Mine Immortal: Guardian of Monsters (Varcolac Book 2) – By Kristin Ping

  1. Laure Eccleston

    Suddenly thrust into a world that she was unaware it existed.
    When her mother was terminally ill, Morgan Freeman, a young South African woman, returned home to care for her. Years pass, her mother is gone, so Morgan decides to return to her job on a cruise line, where she felt at home, and she had been happy. Jason Chase, aka Jericho, is a three thousand year old Varcolac, and his life will be turned up side down when Morgan boards the ship he, too, is working on, and he realizes that she is his true mate. Morgan is flabbergasted when Jason shows an interest in her, every woman aboard the ship, passengers and crew, practically throw themselves at him. Jason will have his work cut out for him trying to convince Morgan that she’s the only woman he wants.

    Sexy, unique, and sometimes funny characters. When Morgan finds out the truth about Jason it could be the end or their relationship. Wow fascinating plot with unexpected twists, and a completely different narrative on werewolves and vampires. Fantastic book, I loved it!

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