B1040 Boxset (Digital) What If Series – By Isabella White

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The What If Series is now available in a boxset (Digital).

What if Holly phoned Jake?
With a broken heart 24-year-old, Holly Scallanger gave birth to Romalie and Jamie Bernice. But things don’t look good.
Romalia is weak, and the little one finally lost the battle.
Her rage and fury blinded her and she made that one phone call, scolding Jake and voicing her hatred to him?
Just a small change, but everything would’ve been so much different.

Q&A With author Isabella White

Q Can you tell us a bit more about the 4Ever series?

A. The 4Ever series follows Holly Scallanger, 24, who just found out her fiancé cheated on her. She leaves him a week before their wedding and swears off men. But just like Murphy’s Law, Jake Peters enters her life. He is perfect in every way, over-the-top gorgeous, clever, and in his final year of medical school. She falls madly in love and then her life completely shifts around when she falls pregnant with Jake’s child. They split up because he isn’t ready for the baby. It’s not a very happy ending in this one, but the series has a happy ending. The second novel takes place 4 years later. Holly herself enrolled in Medical school. She just finished and now she has to start her internship at a hospital close to where Jake is a neurosurgeon. She finally bumps into him and it ends with the truth being revealed. The last one… well, it will come out soon. But we finally do get the happy ending we wanted in the first novel.

Q. I recently saw via your website that you are working on the What If series? What are those novels about?

A. The What If series is just that. In the 4Ever series, readers will realize just how small Jake and Holly’s world is. That they both know people who are very important in Holly’s life and that it was basically a miracle that their paths didn’t cross earlier. So the What if series are alternative versions of book one and two. Two of the novels are an alternative ending for Imperfect Love, the first novel, and most of the others are alternative to Secret Love or alternative ways that take place in Secret Love for the truth to come out faster. There will be seven stories in this series.

Q. What is the order to read the series?

Imperfect Love
Secret Love
Endless Love
For ME – Jake’s version of Imperfect Love.

The What if Series can be read in any order, but would be better to understand if you finished reading Imperfect Love and Secret Love. They are not standalone at all, but an added bonus.

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B1040 Boxset (Digital) What If Series – By Isabella White

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4 reviews for B1040 Boxset (Digital) What If Series – By Isabella White

  1. John Kurokawa (verified owner)

    I loved the stories. I couldn’t give the set 5 stars because of all the grammatical error running throughout most of the stories. Great ideas and deserves 5 stars once the errors are worked out.

  2. John Kurokawa (verified owner)

    Please use a dictionary a look-up the words elevate and alleviate…. the words are quite differing in meaning. It frustrates me that an author would not know the difference as it is their living to know the meanings of the words they use. If you have an editor who reads your work, I would seriously think about getting a new one.

  3. nonita66

    I do so love your books. I have read all of the ones that have been released more than once. There is just one thing wrong, editing. You should consider finding a different editor. Other than that, 5 stars all the way. Good luck to you in future publications.


    Really heartbreaking and I could not stop reading the book until I reached the end.

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